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Racial and Ethnic Diversity

An overwhelming majority of community college faculty members are of Caucasian descent. Visit this linkfor a detailed profile of community college faculty demographics. This ethnic composition can be a challenge in states such as California, where the community college student population is comprised of a majority of diverse students (Jeffcoat & Piland, 2012).

African-American and Hispanic faculty members are still underrepresented on community college campuses (Jackson & Phelps, 2004; Manzo, 2000). Harris, Joyner and Slate (2010) found that the number of Hispanic faculty members at Texas community colleges has changed minimally form 2000-2008.

Jeffcoat and Piland (2012) recommend that community college leadership take a proactive role in diversifying their faculty by creating an internship program. To mediate the dearth of ethically diverse faculty members, Community College leaders should implement leadership programs, partner with local four-year universities, and create mentoring programs to foster a more diverse pool of faculty members (Jackson & Phelps, 2004; Jeffcoat & Piland, 2012).

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International Diversity

International diversity is an area of opportunity for community colleges. Rather than focus on the recruitment and retention of international faculty members, faculty internationalization efforts have focused on professional development seminars and visiting scholars programs for existing faculty (Wells, 2007).

Community college leaders can increase the cultural competency of their currently employed faculty members by participating in a visiting scholars program (Carreon, 2005). The Fulbright Scholar Program and International Faculty Development Seminars hosted by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) are two examples of these type of programs.

Internationalization in Action

The Community College of Denver is currently hosting a Fulbright Visiting Scholar for the 2011-2012 academic year. Click this link to learn more about Dr. Anurag Chauhan. In addition, John Sopcich, Vice President of Johnson County Community College visited Russia as a Fulbright Scholar. Click this link to view a You Tube video about his experience.

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Fulbright Scholar Program
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Council on International Educational Exchange

You Tube Video

"Johnson County Community College Vice President Sopcich Visits Russia as a Fulbright Scholar"