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This wiki is devoted to providing an overview about Community Colleges. The pages were created by students at the College of William and Mary taking a graduate class in Community College Administration (pictured below during a visit to the Virginia Community College System Office). The intent is to provide information to those interested in learning more about two-year colleges. This site provides information on various facets of the community college, including a history of these institutions, academic operations, student issues, leadership concerns, and outreach functions. Updates to this wiki will occur over time and suggestions on topics are welcome. You may submit these to Pamela Eddy at the address below. Thanks to all the students who contributed to this site and for their support of community colleges and their mission.

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AACC Updates


History of Community CollegesCommunity Colleges are over 100 years old, with the
first college opening its in 1901 in Joliet, Illinois. The early inception of two-year colleges grew out of extensions secondary school systems and the desire for junior colleges to conduct the first two years of university curriculum as a stepping stone to university degrees. Over time, the mission of community colleges grew to include vocational training, workforce development, local economic development, and community lifelong educational support. Community colleges have been termed "democracy colleges" because of their open access mission, close location for commuting students, and lower costs. President Obama has recognized the critical linchpin two-year colleges provide in the educational pipeline--indeed, community colleges educate almost half of today's college student population. The pages of this wiki will provide you with more information about these colleges.

Change in Community Colleges

In its quest to rethink the role of community colleges in Virginia, the Virginia Community College Systems launched an initiative on April 7, 2010 to rethink the role of the community colleges in the state under the current context of change. Check out the video to the left for a comparison over time that highlights how the context of higher education and our economy has shifted. Following is a link to the VCCS website that contains additional information, including a message from Chancellor DuBois on "the brewing of a perfect storm."

Re-engineering Virginia's Community Colleges

December, 2011 Update

Rethinking VCCS

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