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Professional Development

According to Cohen, Brawer, & Kisker (2013), many community colleges have created their own professional development and nearly all institutions have some form of new faculty orientation programs. Some instructors at community colleges continue to search out universities with programs that address their discipline (Cohen, et. al., 2013). The WGBH Educational Foundation offers a free online professional development program addressing issues such as diversity in the classroom, technology, assessment, and teaching techniques. While some of these resources are available to anyone, others are limited to those employed by the college. Your institution will have professional development opportunities that address specific needs for your community, and thus, it is is important to identify and take advantage of these offerings.

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Faculty Development: Urban Versus Rural

· More men (53%) lead faculty development at rural community colleges compared with women (43%) (Eddy, 2007).
· In rural institutions, faculty development is led by a committee (35%) or by an individual faculty (33%) (Eddy, 2007).
· In urban institutions, faculty development is led by a committee (33%) or by an individual faculty (19%) (Eddy, 2007).
· Urban areas have centralized the faculty development effort; approximately; 17% use a center and 10% use a clearinghouse (Eddy, 2007).
· Rural areas have a less centralized function for faculty development; about 10% use a center and 9% use a development clearinghouse (Eddy, 2007).
· Both urban (15%) and rural (9%) community colleges use a combination of resources for faculty development: committees, individual faculty leaders, clearinghouses or dedicated centers for faculty development (Eddy, 2007).


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